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Medicine through vocation

Do you feel you have passion in life?

Do you feel that you conduct yourself daily with vitality, energy, and spiritual joy? 

Do you feel like you wake up in the morning with excited anticipation? With curiosity for the day to come? 

If the answer to one of these questions is not "yes"!!!! Clear and resonant, it's time to recheck your tuning.

How do you find a vocation?

Each of us is a living mystery. To reduce ourselves to one goal or another is a reduction of our depth.


But the mystery in us, needs to be revealed, through our soul, through a narrow channel of heart inclinations, body inclinations, and mind inclinations. The soul of each of us is complex and full of sometimes contradictory layers. We also want financial security, but we also want passion. We also want to be nice and create cooperation with others, but we also want to shout our voice in the world, a voice that will never be repeated. There are so many powers within us. All are absolute in their own truth.

Therefore the question arises: do we ever have a chance to feel good about ourselves? with life? After all, we are full of contradictions!! Will we ever feel at home in this world?


The answer is: "yes"!!! The mechanism that allows us to feel at home, through all the storms outside and inside, is called: vocation. Destiny is the North Star to which all the conflicting forces of our soul are drawn.

A vocation is not a specific goal, a vocation is a horizon. It is the living force, which draws each of us uniquely, to the depth of his existence. The ability to recognize what motivates me in life, what makes me feel alive, what pulls me out of bed in the morning, what makes me feel that there is a connection between me and my environment - the ability to feel this, is the ability to put order in life - in career, relationships, body, and sexuality . It is the ability to create harmony between the conflicting parts of us, and bring them together to work for a common vision.


From a very young age, unfortunately, we are all taught to ignore our deep intuition about our vocation. Our schools teach everyone the same thing and in the same way. Most of us have seen our parents, returning exhausted from work, drained, and we thought that's how it should be because that's how you make a living.

In the past economy it had some justification. The creative possibilities to bring monetary value to the world were very limited and rigid. Our parents did their best to support themselves and our son with the options they had. But today, the opposite is true. The economy is not as rigid as in the past. The massive technological changes in the field of information create countless opportunities for people who want to bring value to the world in a way that is adapted to their vocation. The economy has become incredibly global, very volatile. The economic and emotional stability that exists in our generation does not come from the fluctuating job market, but rather it comes from our ability to establish a constant connection with our vocation, and with the real and flexible possibilities born for us to develop from this connection.


To truly live, means to be in my vocation. So many talented and smart people waste their lives in exhausting work, or in front of empty computer screens in the evening, not knowing that there are other options. Possibilities of spiritual joy, of deep openness to life, of deep enjoyment of money born of passion - not slavery.

The ability to change our lives lies in the ability to recognize our destiny. The ability to recognize our vocation lies in the ability to free ourselves from mental, physical and energetic shackles that separate us from our depth.

If you are interested in going through the process of finding your vocation, you are welcome to make an appointment with me.

The meetings are held at my clinic in Mitzpe Ramon and Be'er Sheva. 

How amazing you are to have read this far. This tells me that you care about yourselves! Love yourself and want to improve your quality of life. You are welcome to download this file, and answer some questions that will help you a little better in preparation for a possible meeting with me. Lovely Day :)



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