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My name is Akiva Regan VanA guide for growth  life-centered. I graduated with a degree in psychology and educational counseling from Tel UniversityAviv (MA), and process group facilitation studies at the Sou Labor Schoolcialisat Tel Aviv University. My goal is create a Powerful tools that will serve people in their unique journey to growth, in a focused, deep, and attentive way. 

What drives me is passion. I see too many people, smart and sensitive, who feel trapped in a job that drains their soul, who fail to feel attractive and erotically powerful in relationships, who fail to persevere and choose, who find themselves in frustrations about life passing by, in chronic fatigue... My feeling is that These very common examples are related to passion. A person who has a deep passion for life, does not count the days at work, does not lose his sexual vitality, and does not allow anger to depress him. Life is too short - and there is so much good that can be done! What motivates me is the desire to discover this goodness, which lies within every challenge you encounter. 

I wish everyone who readsthese things right now, to discover the deep passion that brought you to this site. Whether we ever meet or not, I wish you to feel, and move from her. And if you feel called Explore her more deeply with me, you are welcomeNim to join one of the workshops I lead. I promise you it will be an amazing journey :)

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